Sodium cyclamate CAS139-05-9

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    Sodium cyclamate food additive is a new non-nutrition sweetener with delicious flavor ,which covers bitter

    taste. The sweet taste slowly but keeps for long time. It is no harm for human being and safe than sugar

    saccharin. It is kind of healthy food additives with sugar-free and low calorie. It is 30~50 times sweeter

    than sucrose without the effect of souring and fermentation like sucrose.

     Item of Test

     Specification  Results of Test
     Water  <15.5%  13.6%
     Purity  98.5-101.0 %  99.61
     Ph (100g/L)  5.7-7.5  6.8
     Sulfate (SO4)  <1000ppm  <1000ppm
     Heavy metal as Pb)  <10ppm  <10ppm
     Aniline  <1ppm  <1ppm
     Arsemoc (As)  <3ppm  <3ppm
     Selenium  <30ppm  <30ppm
     Cyclohexylamine  <10ppm  <10ppm
     Dicyclohexylamine  <1ppm  <1ppm
     Transparency  >95%  96.42

    1. Sodium cyclamate used in food production industry , for example, soft drink ,liquor, can act as

    sugar replacement.

    2. Sodium cyclamate food additive used in seasoning, home cooking and some medicine.

    3. Sodium cyalamate checp price packed in bags which are widely used in hotel,restaurant and traveling.

    4. Being used in cosmetics, syrup, icing, toothpaste, mouthwash, lipstick and so on.

    5. Sodium cyclamate cheap price used as the substitute of sugar for diabetics and fat persons.


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