Organic Pesticide Raw Material Rotenone Extract 5% 40% 98%

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Galedupa uliginosa (Willd.) Roxb. Deguelia ulginosa (Willd.) Baill. Deguelia trifoliata (Lour.) Taub. Derris uliginosa (Willd.) Benth. Pongamia ulginosa (Willd.) DC. Galedupa ulginosa (Willd.) Roxb. Robinia ulginosa Willd. Robinia uliginosa Roxburg

Product name Rotenone  Extract
Latin name Derris trifoliata Lour.
Other names Galedupa uliginosa (Willd.) Roxb.
Deguelia ulginosa (Willd.) Baill.
Deguelia trifoliata (Lour.) Taub.
Derris uliginosa (Willd.) Benth.
Pongamia ulginosa (Willd.) DC.
Galedupa ulginosa (Willd.) Roxb.
Robinia ulginosa Willd.
Robinia uliginosa Roxburgh ex Willdenow
Place of Origin Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi .China
Part used Root
Extraction Type Solvent Extraction
Active Ingrdients Rotenone
Cas No 83-79-4
Molecular Formula C23H22O6
Formula Weight 394.42
Test Method HPLC
Formula Structure
Specifications Rotenone 50% Brown yellow powder
Rotenone 98%  White powder
Application Biological pesticide .

Competitive advantage:
Pure plant extracts, One of the three broad spectrum insecticides,highly effective and non-toxic, meet the international testing requirements,
meet 322 kinds of chemical pesticide residue testing, after the analysis report of the European continent.Obtain the organic certification,
the international market mainstream biological pesticide active medicine.Worldwide sales category.
Quality Standard: Conform to USP36 standards.
Specification : 5%-40%
Active ingredients:  rotenone
Test method: HPLC
Characters :
Appearance: dark liquid ~brown cube powder
Solubility:DMF &MSDS.

Production process flow chart:
Derris root  raw material →Screening→Extracted with ethanol solvent→Filtration→

Formulation solution:
Matrine 2%+ rotenone 5%+ pyrethrum 1%+ surfactant

Application & Function :
End usages  :
Rotenone is used as biological pesticide ingredients.
Rotenone is used to clean the pond for Aquaculture shrimp
Function mechanism and mode of action:
Contact poison firstly and stomach poison secondly.
High toxicity to livestock,fish and silkworm.but no harm to human and other Animals
Safety to wildlife: no harm

Application Method:
1.Prevent and treat cabbage worm, Henosepilachna ,leaf miner,femoralis, Striped flea beetle etc., dilute 1000 times to spray.
2. Prevent and control cabbage aphid, bean aphid, aphis gossypii, dilute 1200 times to spray,  spray when the dew did not work in the morning
3. Clean the pond for Aquaculture shrimp .Usually 4% Rotenone EC 1000ml for 667m2 ,depth 1m
4. Capture the ornamental fish  concentration  (0.025mg/L)。


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