OPC Proanthocyanidins Grapeseed Extract

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Grape Seed Extract Powder
Grape Seed Extract
Grapeseed Extract

Proanthocyanidin, PC for short, is a mixture of biological flavonoids with special molecular structure,
and its oligomer: oligopoly proanthocyanidin (OPC) is currently recognized internationally as an effective natural antioxidant to remove free radicals in the human body.
Generally reddish brown powder, gas, astringent taste, soluble in water and most organic solvents. Proanthocyanidins from
blueberry leaf extract have been shown to prevent hepatitis C virus replication. Is a kind of biological flavonoids with special molecular structure,
is able to remove free radicals in the body effective natural antioxidant.
Generally grape seed extract or French coast pine bark extract. Proanthocyanidin (grape seed extract) is a novel antioxidant
with strong activity in vivo. Experimental results show that the anti-free radical oxidation ability of oligomolymer proanthocyanidin
OPC is 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C, and the absorption is rapid and complete.
Oral administration can reach the highest blood concentration in 20 minutes, and the metabolic half-life is as long as 7 hours

Product Name Grape Seed Extract
Active Ingredient OPC
Specification 95% UV
Botanical Source Vitis Vinifera L.
Plant Part Used Seed
Appearance Reddish-Brown Powder
Storage Cool and Dry Place

Proanthocyanidins (PC) is the general name of a class of polyphenol compounds commonly existing in plants,
which has strong antioxidant and free radical elimination effect

1.Blood circulation

2.Vision protection

3.Eliminate edema

4.Moisturize skin

5.Lower cholesterol

6.Cardiac protectant

Health care function

1. Protect the blood circulatory system of the human body through three ways: remove oxygen free radicals in the blood;
Helps the body block the formation of oxygen free radicals; Enhance the integrity of blood vessel walls.

2. Inhibit the degradation of collagenase and elastase on connective tissue,
so it is beneficial to maintain the elasticity of skin and play the effect of anti-skin aging.

3, can enhance the fundus retinal capillaries and extremities capillary microcirculation.

4. By maintaining the health of blood vessels and improving microcirculation,
the organs and tissues can obtain more adequate blood supply.

5. Proanthocyanidins can enhance immune function, as shown by improving the immune response of interleukin-2 cells in mice fed alcohol
and mice infected with retroviruses.

6, proanthocyanidins can also enhance the effect of vitamin C, prolong the effect of vitamin C in the human body.

7, the proanthocyanidin in water solubility is very good, after oral absorption, into the human body effect quickly,
and the action time is long.

8, as a health food, safety is very important. A variety of animal experiments and experimental system studies have proved
that proanthocyanidins are non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-teratogenic, non-allergenic, so proanthocyanidins are safe.


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