Food Additive Sweetener Lactitol

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1. Product name: lactitol 2. CAS no.: 50-70-4 3. Specification: 99% min 4. Appearance: white powder 5. MOQ: 10G 6. Normal Package: 1KG/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Fiber drum

1. Product name: lactitol
2. CAS no.: 50-70-4
3. Specification: 99% min
4. Appearance: white powder
5. MOQ: 10G

6. Normal Package: 1KG/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Fiber drum

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What is Lactitol?

Lactitol is 12 carbon sugar alcohol, can be made from lactose by catalytic hydrogenation, the presence of water type and 2 kinds of products that contain a combined water, sweet and refreshing, and combined with high sweetness sweetening, ways, low hygroscopicity, high solubility, its relative molecular mass and sucrose are similar, is similar to sugar on the effect of water activity, stable in acidic and alkaline conditions, under the condition of the high temperature of food processing is also very stable.Lactositol is suitable for many foods, such as baked goods, sugar-coated confectionery and frozen confectionery.


1.Low calorie: lactositol has lower heat.
2.Prevent obesity: lactose alcohol intake does not cause the rise of insulin, does not increase the nucleoprotein of lipase activity, therefore in food with high fat intake at the same time can not promote the body of neutral fat savings.
3.Prevention of caries: lactositol has a strong function to prevent cavities.In contrast to sucrose, lactolitol rarely causes plaque formation in teeth.
4.Bifidogenic proliferation factor: a substance that causes bifidobacterium to proliferate, such as lactositol, is called bifidogenic multiplier in medicine.Bifidobacterium is the body is good for the body’s normal bacteria in the digestive tract, it has to do with the body’s other bacteria attached on the intestinal wall according to certain species, formed a stable micro ecological balance, biological barriers, provide nutrition, enhance immunity, etc.


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