Food Additive Sweetener D-Mannitol CAS 69-65-8

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Product Name:Manitol Powder Spec:99% Grade:Food Grade Function:Food Sweetener Storage:Cool Dry Place Shelf Life:24 Months

Product Name Cas 69-65-8 D-Mannitol spray dried mannitol
Appearance White fine powder
Specification 99.5%
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Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months

Mannitol is an isomer of sorbitol. The hydroxyl groups on carbon number two of the two alcohols have different orientation. The
molecular formula is C6H14O6 and the molecular weight is 182.17.Soluble in water, a white transparent solid with a sweet taste
similar to sucrose.

Product Details OF Industrial grade D-Mannitol

Industrial production
Polymannitol – propylene oxide ether made by pressurization with mannitol as the starting agent is widely used in the plastics
industry. Polymannitol – propylene oxide polyurethane foam based on polymannitol has good oil resistance, heat resistance,
oxidation resistance and dimensional stability, and the heat resistance is as high as 180℃.

In the fine chemical industry, the stearic acid and mannitol esterification reaction to produce the stearic acid mannitol ester
has a wide range of USES: as food emulsifier, dispersant can be widely used in pastry, candy, beverage, etc., but also as coating,
textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industry emulsifier and dispersant.

product name CAS NO
glycerol 56-81-5
glycyrrhizinic acid 1405-86-3
L-Alanine 56-41-7
D-Lactose monohydrate 64044-51-5
Sodium cyclamate 139-05-9
acesulfame 33665-90-6
xylitol 87-99-0
Stevioside 57817-89-7
Sucralose 56038-13-2
Acesulfame potassium 55589-62-3
D-Xylose 31178-70-8
Aspartame 22839-47-0
o-Benzoic Sulfimide Sodium Salt 128-44-9
aldehydo-D-xylose 58-86-6
D-fructofuranose 57-48-7
Sodium dehydroacetate 4418-26-2
D-(+)-Maltose monohydrate 6363-53-7
1-[phenyl-(4-phenylphenyl)methyl]imidazole 60628-96-8
α,α-trehalose 99-20-7
aldehydo-D-glucose 50-99-7
Mannitol 87-78-5
sucrose 57-50-1
lactose 63-42-3
maltitol 585-88-6
Isomalt 64519-82-0
butane-1,2,3,4-tetrol 149-32-6
Saccharin 81-07-2
aldehydo-L-rhamnose 3615-41-6
D-(+)-Trehalose dihydrate 6138-23-4
6-[3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)oxan-2-yl]oxyhexane-1,2,3,4,5-pentol 534-73-6
Glycyrrhizic Acid Dipotassium Salt Hydrate 68797-35-3
neotame 165450-17-9
(3S)-3-amino-4-oxo-4-[[(2R)-1-oxo-1-[(2,2,4,4-tetramethylthietan-3-yl)amino]propan-2-yl]amino]butanoic acid 80863-62-3
α-D-mannose 3458-28-4
aldehydo-L-arabinose 5328-37-0
D-mannitol 69-65-8
D-glucitol 50-70-4
lactitol 585-86-4
β-D-fructofuranose 53188-23-1
maltose 69-79-4
Chitosan 9012-76-4
2α-Mannobiose 15548-39-7
α-D-glucose 492-62-6
α-Lactose monohydrate 5989-81-1
o-Benzoic Sulfimide Sodium Salt Dihydrate 6155-57-3
β-D-fructopyranose 7660-25-5
poly(sodium acrylate) macromolecule 9003-04-7
Curdlan 54724-00-4


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