Dicaprylyl Carbonate CAS 1680-31-5

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MF: C17H34O3
MW: 286.45

CAS  1680-31-5
Function  Emollient
Appearance  White powder liquid
Place of orgin  China
Grade  Cosmetic Grade
Shelf life  2 Years

Dicaprylyl carbonate is a vegetable-derived fat, a drying emollient. Dicaprylyl carbonate has excellent skin compatibility and comprehensive properties, such as solubilization and dispersion of sunscreen filters.
Dicaprylyl carbonate is a new type of emollient with an extremely dry skin feel and good spreadability comparable to volatile silicone oils. At the same time, it has good solubility for crystalline organic sunscreen agents, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. When used in sunscreen products, it can significantly increase the SPF value of the product and reduce the greasy feeling of the sunscreen agent.


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