Animal Feed Pomegranate Bark Extract Powder

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Nature Oganic Herbal Pomegranate Bark Extract Powder, US $ 21 – 35 / Kilogram, Herbal Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Powder, Power.


Nature Oganic Herbal Pomegranate Bark Extract Powder
Product Description

Pomegranate Extracthas antioxidant, anti-mutagen and anti-cancer properties.
Studies have shown the anti-cancer activity on cancer cells of the breast, oesophagus, skin, colon, prostate and pancreas. More specifically,
Pomegranate Extractprevents the destruction of P53 gene by cancer cells.
Pomegranate Extractcan bind with cancer causing molecules,
thereby making them inactive. The effects of dietary Pomegranate Extract on rat hepatic and esophageal mucosal cytochromes P450 and phase II enzymes.
Ahn D et al showed that Pomegranate Extract causes a decrease in total hepatic mucosal cytochromes and an increase in some hepatic phase II enzyme activities,
thereby enhancing the ability of the target tissues to detoxify the reactive intermediates.
Pomegranate Extract showed also a chemoprotective effect against various chemically induced cancers.
Pomegranate Extract d has also been said to reduce heart disease, birth defects, liver problems, and to promote wound healing.

Product Name: Pomegranate Extract Test method: HPLC
Origin: China Part Used: Bark
Grade: Food Source: Punica granatum L


1. Improves capillary activity and strengthens capillary membranes
2. Improves skin smoothness and elasticity
3. Reduces diabetic retinopathy and improves visual acuity
4. Reduces varicose veins
5. Helps improve brain function
6. Fights inflammation in arthritis and reduces the risk of phlebitis
7. May be able to prevent prostate cancer


1.Nutritional supplements;

2.Health food products;




6.Animal Feed


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