Vanadyl Sulfate VOSO4

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【Molecular formula】:VOSO4XH2O

【Molecular weight】:163.0

【English name】:Vanadyl Sulfate

【Characters】:orchid crystal. It dissolves in


【Molecular formula】:VOSO4XH2O

【Molecular weight】:163.0

【English name】:Vanadyl Sulfate

【Characters】:orchid crystal. It dissolves in water.

Vanadyl sulfate, VOSO4, is a common inorganic compound of vanadium.This easily delistable blue solid is a common source of vanadium in the laboratory and exhibits a high degree of stability.Its characteristic ion, vanadium oxide root (VO2+), is known as “the most stable diatomic ion.”

Vanadium sulfate is the intermediate product of vanadium extracted from petroleum and the most important commercial source of vanadium.Vanadium sulfate is also a component of some food additives and chemicals.And vanadium sulfate can show the effect of insulin.Used as mordant, catalytic reductant, ceramic and glass colorant.

Item Index
Content(dry basis)% ≥97.0
Loss on drying% ≤50
Pentavalent vanadium% ≤0.5
Unsettleable matters in ammonium hydroxide% ≤1.5



1. Mainly used in the production of non-ionic surfactant directly and some other important common surfactant when synthesized with various acids;

2. Mainly used to produce glyphosate in pesticide industry;

3. Mainly used as the absorber and desulfurization agent for acid gas purification;

4. Corrosion inhibitor in pharmaceutical industry;

5. Cross-linking agent for high resilience polyurethane foam production;

6. Fabric finishing-agent, softening agent, emulsifier, fluorescent whitening agent and etc. in textile industry;

7. Used as leather and synthetic fiber softener;

8. Thickening agent and foam improver in shampoo and light detergent;

9. Also used as detergent, lubricant, brightener, and dust scavenger for engine piston.


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