Nicotinamide CAS#98-92-0

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Product Name Nicotinamide 
CAS No. 98-92-0
Purity 99%
Melting Point 166 °C(dec.)
Appearance Whiter power
Storage Conditions -20°C

Nicotinamide is a white needle-like crystalline or crystalline powder, odorless or slightly smelly, slightly bitter taste.  Relative density 1.4, melting point 129-131℃.  1g Soluble in 1mL water, 1.5ml ethanol or 10mL glycerol, insoluble in ether.  10% aqueous solution has a PH of 6.5-Chemicalbook7.5.  It has weak hygroscopicity.  More stable, acid, alkali and high temperature in dry air, light and heat are stable, in alkaline or acidic solution heated to generate niacin.  Rat oral LD502.5-3.5g/kg, ADI value is not specified (ECC, 1990).


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