Neem Leaf Extract 1%

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High Quality Neem Leaf Extract Powder, US $ 20 – 50 / Kilogram, Herbal Extract, neem leaf powder,


High Quality Neem Leaf Extract Powder

Product Description

Neem also commonly called as Nim or Vembu is one of the 2 species in genus Azadirachta. It is native to Asian countries India,
Sri Lanka etc and is found growing in tropical regions. It is a well branched tree that is evergreen except in the drought conditions.
Neem is also considered a weed in Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Neem tree is also considered sacred by Indians till date.


1. Relieve internal fever & heat.
2. Natural pesticide to killing pests in agricultural chmicals field:
1). to kill rice stem borer, rice fulgorid, Cnaphalocrocis medinalisGuenee (rice leaf roller), and other alimentary crops(cereal/grain) pests;
2). to kill p.rapae, diamond back moth, cockchafer and othervegetable pests;
3). to kill Fenusa sp., citrus mite and other fruits pests;
4). to kill Aleurocanthus spiniferus Quaintance, Euproctispseudoconspersa,and Myllocerinus aurolineatus Voss.and othertea insects.



The bitter leaves are used as a pot-herb being made into soup or curry with other vegetables. The slightly aromatic and bitter taste which neem impart to the curries thus prepared, is much relished by some. The leaves are moreover an old and popular remedy for skin diseases. The fruits are described as purgative and emollient and useful in intestinal worms, urinary diseases and ulcers.

2.Industrial uses:

Neem is used for effective control against pests and insects. It could be applied during immature pest stages. It kills the pest immediately.

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