L-Glutathione Powder 98% CAS#70-18-8

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Product Name:Glutathione (GSH) Powder


CAS No.70-18-8

Einecs No.200-725-4

MF:C10H17N3O6S A

ppearance:White Powder

Product Name: Glutathione (GSH) Powder
Spec./Purity: 99%
CAS No. 70-18-8
Einecs No. 200-725-4
MF C10H17N3O6S
Appearance: White Powder
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Benefits of Glutathione Daily nutraceuticals & Dietary supplement 
1.Anti-aging, antioxidant, maintain skin vigor and luster. 
2.Whitening skin: restraining the melanin 
3.Improve immunity: enhance immune cells function effectively prevent viruses.

What is L-Glutathione:

L- Glutathione Reduced(GSH) is a tripeptide that contains an unusual peptide linkage between the amine group of cysteine and the carboxyl group of the glutamate side-chain.

It is an antioxidant, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides.

Thiol groups are reducing agents, existing at a concentration of approximately 5 mM in animal cells.

Glutathione reduces disulfide bond formed within cytoplasmic proteins to cysteines by serving as an electron donor.

In the process, glutathione is converted to its oxidized form glutathione disulfide (GSSG).

Glutathione is found almost exclusively in its reduced form,
since the enzyme that reverts it from its oxidized form, glutathione reductase, is constitutively active and inducible upon oxidative stress. In fact,
the ratio of reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione within cells is often used scientifically as a measure of cellular toxicity

Function of  L-Glutathione:

  • It maintains levels of reduced glutaredoxin and glutathione peroxidase.
  • It is one of the major endogenous antioxidants produced by the cells, participating directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds, as well as maintaining exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) forms.
  • It is used in metabolic and biochemical reactions such as DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport, and enzyme activation. It has a vital function in iron metabolism. Yeast cells depleted of GSH or containing toxic levels of GSH show an intense iron starvation-like response and impairment of the activity of extramitochondrial ISC enzymes thus inhibiting oxidative endoplasmic reticulum folding, followed by death.
  • Glutathione plays an important role in preventing oxidative damage to the skin.
  • Glutathione has also been associated with skin lightening ability.
  • Glutathione utilizes different mechanisms to exert its action as a skin whitening agent at various levels of melanogenesis.


2)Should be required
3)Should be required
Transmittance ≥.98.0%
OpticalRotation -15.5~17.5º
Heavymetals ≤10ppm
Arsenic ≤1ppm
Iron ≤0.001%
Sulfate ≤0.048%
Ammonium ≤0.020%
Residueonignition ≤0.1%
Lossondrying ≤0.5%
Assay ≥98.0%
Conclusion Confirmed with the requirement.


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