L-Arginine Hydrochloride CAS 1119-34-2

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L-Arginine Hydrochloride CAS 1119-34-2


Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. It is a building block of protein that performs a variety of physiological functions. Arginine is an amino acid that the body cannot make naturally. Therefore it is important to consume foods that are rich in Arginine. The physiological processes aided by Arginine include hormone secretion, an increase in growth hormone output, the removal of toxic waste products from the body, and immune system defenses.

Recently, dietary supplements containing Arginine have become popular due to Arginine’s nitric oxide producing ability, its ability to scavenge free radicals, as well as its ability to signal muscle cells, release growth hormone, remove bad cholesterol, and enhance fat metabolism. Arginine helps regulate salt levels in the body.

Chemical Name: L-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid hydrochloride~H-Arg-OH.HCl
Structure Formula:
Molecular Formula: C6H14N4O2.HCl
Molecular Weight: 210.66
Cas No: [1119-34-2]
Characteristics: White crystals or crystalline powder
Quality Standards: AJI97
Item Specifications (AJI97 )
Appearance White crystals or crystalline powder
Assay, % 99.0~101.0
Specific rotation +22.1o~+22.9o
Loss on drying, % ≤0.2
Transmittance, % ≥98.0
Chloride (as Cl), % 16.6~17.6
Sulfate (as SO4), % ≤0.02
Ammonium as (as NH4), % ≤0.02
Iron (as Fe), %  ≤0.001
Heavy Metals (as Pb), %  ≤0.001
Arsenic (as As), %   ≤0.0001
pH Value   4.7~6.3
Residue on ignition, % ≤0.1
Organic volatile impurities Meets the requirement
Other amino acid  ≤0.4


The Characteristics and Uses:
Package and Transport:     This product is contained in a double-layer package, the inner layer being a sealed nonpoisonous polyethylene bag or aluminium foil, and the outer layer being a paper board barrel. Each barrel contains a net weight of 25kg. Packages may be arranged in accordance with customer’s requirements.          Handle with care. Protect the product from sunshine or rain. Do not transport them together with poisonous or harmful goods. This product belongs to the non-dangerous category and can be transported as a general chemical product.
Storage:     Stored in dry, clean and ventilated places. In order to avoid pollution, it is prohibited to place this product together with poisonous or harmful substances. The expiry date is for two years.


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