Cissus Quadrangularis Extract 50:1

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Product Name Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
Main Specification 50:1
Supply Direct supply from Best Factory
Appearance Brown powder
Sample Free samples available
Package Bottled, bagged, barreled or according to customer requirements
Product Description
Product name : Cissus quadrangularis extract 50:1 testosterones cissus extract
Latin name : Cissus repens(Wight et Arn.)Lam.
Active Ingredient: 50:1 ketosterone 5% 15% 40%
OEM: 100G/BAG 250G/BAG 8OZ/BAG with your logo
Spc: 50:1 5% 15% 40%
Part Used: Leaf or plant
Apperance: Brown fine powder
Testing Method: TLC
Shelf life: 24months
Function Health products. lose weight

ZIBOSHENGKUN Healing cissus 50:1 powder is manufactured using natural raw materials. Depending on the cultivation climate, soil, region and season of the raw materials, the color and taste of the powder may be slightly different. This is a natural phenomenon, just like the color, shape and size of the same vegetable are slightly different, so you can eat it with confidence.


The recommended daily dosage of Healin cissus powder is 250-500mg. The included teaspoon has a capacity of 250 mg, so you can mix one or two spoons of water (300~500 ml) as needed. You can also sprinkle it on yogurt or salad.

5% EXTRACT FOR HEALTHY JOINTS, BONES, TENDONS & LIGAMENTS – Cissus Quadrangularis has been shown to boost bone strength and bolster joints. We use the ideal 5% extract for its effect on joints and actually REBUILDING cartilage. Higher extracts are more for hormonal control and do not provide as much benefit for the joints, while lower ones can be a bit too weak.
REDUCES CORTISOL & NATURALLY OPTIMIZES HORMONES – Cissus quadrangularis has been shown to be a fantastic optimizer of cortisol, promotes healthy testosterone levels (for both men and women), may improve glucose response in healthy individuals, may reduce body fat and boost lean muscle mass. All in one simple capsule.
SAFE & EFFECTIVE – At we source the highest quality ingredients available and go to great lengths to make sure our supplements meet the highest safety standards. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – You can Buy It Now with no financial risk whatsoever.

Promotes Healthy Stress & Hormone Levels

Particularly interesting about cissus quadrangularis is that it’s been shown to be a fantastic optimizer of your hormone levels.

Taking cissus quadrangularis can help both men and women optimize their testosterone and cortisol (“the stress hormone”) levels.

More than just helping you regulate stress, it can also help you promote the management of your body fat, and support the growth of lean muscle mass!


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