Cinchona Extract 4:1,20:1,30:1,50:1/Quinine CAS 130-95-0

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Product name Cinchona Bark Extract Powder Appearance Brown yellow, no blocking, no visible impurity Color Brown Powder Specificati

Product name Cinchona Bark Extract Powder
Appearance Brown yellow, no blocking, no visible impurity
Color Brown Powder
Specification 100% Pure
Soluble Water Soluble
Mesh 100% pass 80 mesh
Moisture ≤ 5%
Total bacterial count <1000 CFU/g
Salmonella None
Escherichia Coli None


Cinchona or Quina is a genus of about 38 species in the family Rubiaceae, native to the tropical Andes forests of western South America.They are medicinal plants, known as sources for quinine and other compounds.

As a medicinal herb, cinchona bark is also known as Jesuit’s bark or Peruvian bark. The bark is stripped from the tree, dried, and powdered for medicinal uses. The bark is medicinally active, containing a variety of alkaloids including the antimalarial compound quinine and the antiarrhythmic quinidine. Currently, their use is largely superseded by more effective modern medicines.The bark of trees in this genus is the source of a variety of alkaloids, the most familiar of which is quinine, an antipyretic (antifever) agent especially useful in treating malaria.


1. Prevention of cardiovascular disease, strong antioxidant capacity, scavenging free radicals, to protect the body from free radical damage.
2. Prevention of retinopathy, ascending vision. OPCS can speed up the light of vision recovery and improve because of using computer for a long time and cause of visual fatigue in patients with visual acuity.
3. Effectively prevent and improve Alzheimer’s disease.
4. Skin care: because of its antioxidant capacity, OPCs is believed to protect the skin from excess ultraviolet radiation and free radical damage, to prevent wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity.
5. Anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic.

1. Applied in foods field.
2. Applied in health products field.


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