Blueberry Extract Anthocyanin 25%

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Commodity: Anthocyanin Specification: 25% (Pelargonidin、Cyanidin、Delphindin、Peonidin、Petunidin、Malvidin) Colors:Pink~ dark purple。 Test Method: HPLC /UV


What is Anthocyanin:
Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments, It is one of the main pigments that make up the color of petals and fruits.
Anthocyanidin also called flower pigments, is a class of water-soluble natural pigment which widely exists in the nature, belong to flavonoids compounds.
It is also the main color material in plant petals, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other colorful colors.
Anthocyanins in free state under natural conditions are rarely seen, mainly in the form of glycosides.
Anthocyanins often form anthocyanins through glycoside bonds with one or more glucose, rhamnorelin, galactose, arabinose, etc.
Basic Information:
Commodity: Anthocyanin
Specification: 25% (Pelargonidin、Cyanidin、Delphindin、Peonidin、Petunidin、Malvidin)
Colors:Pink~ dark purple
Test Method: HPLC /UV



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