Azadirachtin Extract

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Best Price Azadirachtin Extract Powder, US $ 30 – 50 / Kilogram, Herbal Extract, neem leaf powder,


Best Price Azadirachtin Extract

Azadirachtin is extracted from neem seed. It is a powerful insect anti-feedant and growth regulator.
It is an important pesticide for organic agriculture. It is used for 400 species insect control involved in plant and food storage pe


Azadirachtin is used as natural pesticide to killing pests in agricultural chemicals field;

1. To kill rice stem borer, rice fulgorid, and other alimentary crops (cereal/grain) pests;

2. To kill diamond back moth, cockchafer and other vegetable pests;

3. To kill itrus mite and other fruits pests;


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